01. There is still a great deal of discrimination against [homosexuals] based on their sexual orientation.
02. I hope that some day [homosexuality] will be simply seen as another way of being, not as some kind of sickness or sign of immorality.
03. In most countries of the world, marriage between [homosexuals] is not permitted.
04. Contrary to the stereotype, not all [homosexual] men have effeminate voices.
05. According to an article I read some years ago, suicide is significantly higher among [homosexual] teens than among the straight population.
06. A young man was beaten up in a local high school after trying to start a club for [homosexual] students.
07. In the past, psychologists often classified [homosexuality] as a form of mental illness.
08. Becky Rodenbeck once said that most men who are not married by the age of thirty-five are either [homosexual] or really smart.
09. During World War One, the punishment for [homosexuality] in the French army was execution.
10. British author Oscar Wilde served two years at hard labor after being found guilty of having a [homosexual] relationship with another man.
11. He often hangs out at a gay bar with his [homosexual] friends.
12. In 1994, the British government voted overwhelmingly to reduce the age of consent for [homosexual] men from 21 to 18.
13. In 1969, customers at a gay bar in New York clashed with police in an incident considered by many to be the birth of the [homosexual] rights movement.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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